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      Hydrogen is the most abundant element, that occurs most frequently in our universe. It is everywhere around us and can be used as a climate-neutral energy carrier. H2 molecule could become the key to a successful and sustainable energy transition to zero solution energy generation, clean mobility, carbon neutral industrial processes. However, this will only succeed if the so-called 'green' hydrogen becomes widely available at a low costs.

     As a clean energy carrier, feedstock and fuel, Hydrogen can enable zero pollution and decarbonisation of transport, heating&cooling, and energy-intensive industries, facilitate the large-scale integration of renewables, enabling grid balancing and seasonal storage through innovative technologies.


     Then why Hydrogen economy is still a long term plan and not our everyday reality? There are two issues:

    1. Cheap green Hydrogen generation;

    2. Cost effective Hydrogen distribution.


Hydrogen mobility


Sustainable Energy System

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